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Extra Inning Ethier does it his way

The scenario was all to similar but this time instead of a boring walk off walk, Andre did it in style by driving the ball off the right field wall to score Furcal with the winning run keeping the Dodgers undefeated at home in 2009 with a 2 - 1, 10 inning victory.

Just like Friday, the pitching was the story again except this time the bullpen was the star.  Wolf gave up a first inning shot into the left field pavillion by  Edgar Gonzalez but then settled down to pitch two hit ball until he ran into trouble in the sixth. He left in the sixth with the bases loaded but Troncoso saved the day again by inducing  an inning ending double play. Troncoso and Wade then combined to pitch three perfect innings to take the game into the 10th. Moto wasn't perfect but he got the job done and then the offense finally kicked into gear. 

The 10th started with a single by Furcal. After trying to bunt three times but never getting a strike Orlando and Furcal pulled off the perfect hit and run as Orlando hit a sharp single up the middle just beyond the grasp of the pitcher and the coverering shortstop leaving the Dodgers with 1st and 3rd with Manny coming up. The Padres had to walk Manny and then it was up to Ethier to deliver and he was Mr. Domino tonight.