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Stults to DL, Travis Schlichting gets the call

AA relief pitcher Travis Schlichting will get his first taste of major league baseball as he replaces Stults on the roster.

Over a year ago he made the Blue Spark minor league update for the first time and here is what I had to say then:

Okay this is a reach but I just heard of this guy.: Travis Jay Schlichting is one of those guys whose decided to give pitching a try after not being able to hit a professional curve ball. He was the 98th pick in the 2003 draft by the Tampa Bay Rays and was once highly regarded as a 3rd baseman. This winter he was signed out of an independent league . I know nothing about him but I like the story. Tonight he threw a nice game to help the Suns take the win. He and McDonald can swap stories about how hard it is to hit unless Zach Hammes is pitching.

Kensai had this scouting report

Baseball America had him ranked as our 14th top prospect and 8th top pitching prospect. Here is a quick blurb:

throws 90-94 MPH with heavy armside, bat-breaking sink from a three-quarters arm slot. He complements his fastball with an 84-86 MPH slider that can have tilt and bite.