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Know Your Loon - Kyle Russell

Kyle Russell is featured by Hugh Bernreuter of the Saginaw News in an article that first appeared on April 25th but is still worth a read. Kensai of FNC has this profile of Kyle Russell .

Currently Russell is doing everything that could be expected of him. Here are his current statistics courtesy of . The biggest concern for Russell coming into the season was the K rate and if he would be able to transfer his college power to the professional ranks while using the wood bat. The K rate has dropped from 31% last year to 22% this year while his walk rate has increased from 10% to 12%. The soon to be 23 year old Russell needed to dominate at this level and he has fulfilled his part of the pact. He has the 2nd highest slug% in the league and the 3rd highest wOBA.  

At this point Kyle Russell is probably the best power hitting prospect in the Dodger organization whose offensive ceiling might be someone like another Russell, the current starting 1st baseman for the Mariners,  Russell Branyan. The other good point about Russell is that he can actually play the outfield and projects as a better then average defensive corner.