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Manny Ramirez - Dodger Blog Style

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Going from last night when my biggest concern was the playing of God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch to today, it is a good idea to see what our Dodger blogs have to say.

Jon Weisman shares his feelings on Manny

I feel that this is one of the many imperfect things that happens in an imperfect sport. Everyone and everything that I love is flawed. I get frustrated, annoyed, angry, depressed. Over time, I love some a little less, others the same despite it all.

Kensai of FNC gives updates and opinions on the chemical side of the equation

MSTI chimes in with his East Coast thoughts and seems to be in denial about this being a steroid issue.

The humorous boys over at SOSG will do better then Ed Wood given the proper amount of time.

Howard Cole from baseball savvy says to remain objective

Robert Daeley from The Trolly Dodger  taking us through the five stages of grief

Blue Heaven has the photo of most of us this morning

Dodger Friend Jay Jaffe from Baseball Prospectus still thinks we win the West

Using Pythagenpat, that's a .573 winning percentage and a 93-win pace, or right where we pegged the Dodgers at the outset of the year. While this math is effectively saying that the cost of losing Ramirez may be enough to undo the extra advantage they've gained with their quick bolt from the gate, that still leaves the Diamondbacks having to find about 10 wins to overtake the Dodgers.

And the big news is that Manny may have been notified in April and just now dropped his appeal