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Another Russell Martin Home Run Contest

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Russell just refuses to cooperate so we will make another attempt to help him over the hump during the next home stand. Nine games should do the trick. Last year at this time Martin and Soto had combined for thirteen home runs, this year they have combined for ONE.  In June last year Martin had his best slugging month with four home runs and a slug% of .456 . You may only pick from one of the games on the current homestand.

In Martins young career his first home run of the year occurred on:

2006 - May 7th, 3rd game ever

2007 - April 3rd, 2nd game of season

2008 - April 15th, 14th game

In 1965 Johnny Roseboro hit his first home run on June 2nd. So maybe it is a good omen that our catcher has been homerless for the first two months of the year. Check out this this story at Baseball Digest about Roseboro stealing home.

Date Opponent Time Broadcast Probable Pitcher Opposing Pitcher
Mon, 6/1 Diamondbacks 7:10p PRIME, MLB.TV Kuroda (1-0) Buckner (1-1)
Tue, 6/2 Diamondbacks 7:10p KCAL, MLB.TV Wolf (3-1) Haren (4-4)
Wed, 6/3 Diamondbacks 7:10p PRIME, MLB.TV Billingsley (6-3) Garland (4-4)
Thu, 6/4 Phillies 7:10p PRIME, MLB.TV Kershaw (3-3) Hamels (3-2)
Fri, 6/5 Phillies 7:10p PRIME, MLB.TV Milton (2-0) Moyer (4-5)
Sat, 6/6 Phillies 1:10p FOX, MLB.TV    
Sun, 6/7 Phillies 5:00p ESPN, MLB.TV    
Tue, 6/9 Padres 7:10p KCAL, MLB.TV    
Wed, 6/10 Padres 7:10p PRIME, MLB.TV    


1. Pick the game

2. Pick the inning

3. Pick the distance

The winner will get a choice of a

Bluetopia DVD or a Dodger 2009 Media Guide or copy of Jon Weisman's 100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die