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Daily Dodger Links

MLB warns Dodgers about Manny Ramirez in the clubhouse
Bill Shaikin of the LA Times tells us the Dodgers have been warned by the commissioner's office to keep Manny Ramirez out of their clubhouse before games so long as he is suspended, club spokesman Josh Rawitch confirmed today.

Big day for Fowler ace - Sports -
A recap of draft day for pitcher Brandon Martinez, the Dodgers' 7th round pick

Diamond Notes - Balvino Galvez
Daimond Leung gives us the story of former Dodger Balvino Galvez, the father of Dodgers' 12th-round draftee Brian Cavazos-Galvez from New Mexico.

Hey Andre: Streaky Much? - Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness
A nice look at "Good Andre" vs. "Bad Andre"

Dodgers' Pierre will be back on bench - LA Daily News
Doug Padilla reports that, when Manny comes back, Juan Pierre will return to the bench. Manny to James -- 'LONEY TIME'
Michael Becker of The Press Enterprise notes how Manny Ramirez keeps in contact with his teammates via text messaging.

Sons of Steve Garvey: Vin Scully, on the Unexpected
Orel from Sons of Steve Garvey recounts the Vin Scully anecdote after Wednesday night's botched double steal / hit & run debacle. Is there a situation in baseball that Vin Scully hasn't seen in his 60 years behind the mic?

ESPN OTL Segment Shows Journalists Still Dissing Bloggers
Alex of analyzes the Raul Ibanez / PED / blogger controversy