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Dodger Draft Recap - The Hidden Gems

Christian Walker, via <a href="">Power Showcase</a>
Christian Walker, via Power Showcase

Here's a quick look at some of the second and third-day selections by the Dodgers from the 2009 draft that might take a significant bonus for them to skip college:

25th round - Richard Shaffer, 3B

Here is a rundown of Shaffer from Jonathan Mayo of

Shaffer was creating a lot of early buzz as a high school third baseman with some serious bat speed and power, both now and in the future. Even if he outgrew third and had to move to first, Shaffer had the kind of bat that would play in either spot. But then he got hurt -- a hamate bone injury in his left hand -- forcing him out of action, in a way. He ended up pitching, and up to 93 mph, while letting the hand heal. When he returned to hitting, he didn't have any power to speak of. That's fairly common for people returning from that injury and there are probably still some teams who'd consider taking him based on his past rather than his present.

Shaffer is slated to attend Clemson University.

27th round - Brian (Christopher) Johnson, LHP

Johnson, a two-way player at Cocoa Beach high school in Florida, was named the Brevard County Player of the Year.

Mike Cherry of Florida Today tells us Johnson will not sign with the Dodgers, but will rather become a Florida Gator:

The 6-foot-4, 220-pound Johnson said he will not likely be swayed by any proposal from the Dodgers and is expected to leave June 23 for Gainesville. He will soon after begin summer classes there. By going to a four-year college, Johnson cannot again be drafted until after his third year there.

46th round - Stephen Piscotty, SS

Piscotty was a two-way player at Stanford Amador Valley High School in Northern California, and was MVP of his league this season.

He has committed to go to Stanford.  Here is the MLB scouting video of Piscotty.

49th round - Christian Walker, 3B

Walker is a power-hitting third baseman from Norristown, PA, the same hometown as Tommy Lasorda and Mike Piazza.  Leading into the draft, Walker thought he would be picked much higher:

"I’m predicted to go somewhere between the second and the fifth round. I don’t want to get my expectations up."

Walker, who has committed to attend the University of South Carolina, won a home run-hitting contest that featured wunderkind and Sports Illustrated cover boy Bryce Harper earlier this year.