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Dodgers Shuffle The Roster

Mitch Jones, via <a href="">Wikipedia</a>
Mitch Jones, via Wikipedia

The Dodgers have sent down Blake DeWitt & Jamie Hoffmann to AAA Albuquerque, and have recalled catcher A.J. Ellis.  Another move, expected to be the callup 31-year old career minor leaguer Mitch Jones, will happen tomorrow.  A move will have to be made to accommodate Jones the 40-man roster, and the likely move seems to move either Hong-Chih Kuo or Jason Schmidt to the 60-day DL.

Ken Gurnick gives us some details:

The club apparently wants DeWitt and Hoffmann to continue their development while playing every day at Triple-A. Ellis would probably remain with the club until pitcher Eric Milton returns from the disabled list, which could happen as soon as Sunday.

Ellis spent three days on the roster while the club was at Wrigley Field, but he did not get into a game.  I would like it if Dave Eiland's son* could join the Dodgers as a pitcher so we could have an Ellis-Eiland battery.

*I don't know if Dave Eiland has a son, or whether or not he plays baseball.

Milton is not eligible to return from the disabled list until Sunday, but there's still the matter of who makes the Saturday start in Anaheim.  Candidates include Jeff Weaver, the currently disabled Eric Stults, and the resurgent Isotope James McDonald.