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Around the Dodger Blogosphere

Edwin Jackson: What if? | Dodger Thoughts | Los Angeles Times
BHSPORTSGUY with the guess spot on Dodger Thoughts takes a thoughtful look at Edwin Jackson

Dodger Sims: A's / Dodgers, Series Preview

Sons of Steve Garvey: I Know Who I'm Voting For - take the time to click on this and read about a great man who deserves our Dodger support to represent Los Angeles at the all-star game

VIN SCULLY IS MY HOMEBOY: Lasorda & Scully Union 76 Gasoline Commercial - go back in time and see Tommy before his stomach beat him to the table.

The Trolley Dodger " Joe Torre on Conan O’Brien last night

Reflections of Blue: The Bizzaro Guillermo - we are all amazed at the transformation of Mota

Get Ready For Your New Cult Hero - Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness - MTSI takes a look at Mitch Jones

6-15-09 - Minor League Report | - Get Your Daily Dodger Juice, Dodger News and Dodger Rumors TOM O'SHEA'S MINOR LEAGUE REPORT  

Dodger bullpen still not overworked | Dodger Thoughts | Los Angeles Times Jon Weisman thinks all the talk about over usage of our bullpen is poppycock. Some readers disagree.

My story… : Latest addition to the blog is Ryan, read his story

Blue Heaven: Lelands: Drawings and Paintings - some great paintings of great ballplayers

Memories Of Kevin Malone: More Reason To Be Optimistic About Wolf

Baseball Savvy: Koufax statue - time for Sandy Koufax Statue at Dodger Stadium? You can help bring it about