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Around the Dodger/Baseball Blogosphere

Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness | a Los Angeles Dodgers blog MSTI takes a look at Russell Martin. Eric had a story lined up also reviewing the troubles of Russell, but I talked him into waiting until the end of June to see if Russell could make the story moot. Hopefully MSTI has jumped the gun and Martin bangs his way out of the slump. If not my apologies to Eric for asking him to wait. I'm not a scout, but I was encouraged by Martin's BP on Tuesday night. He was driving the ball out to left field with no problem, he was driving the ball to right center with authority. Joe Torre and Mattingly still feel he will work his way out of this slump. 

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Stop Bunting

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True to your school " Joe Posnanski - Joe having some fun and so will you as you try to pick the best players from your college.

LOON LINE: Great Lakes Loons sweep doubleheader at South Bend