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Retraction - BA Player of the Year Versus BA Prospect of The Year

I recently did a fan post displaying what I thought was the Baseball America prospect of the year but was in reality the Baseball America Player of the year. To remove confusion over these two different awards, I've included both in the table below. My apologies to Baseball America for the mistake and my thanks to John Manuel of Baseball America and new user thoughtxriot for pointing out the error. It was meant to just be a quick throw a way post but I've got to do a better job of making sure they are accurate. The top prospect list was created using this link from Baseball America which is not behind the pay wall. The Player of the Year was created from baseball - reference minor league page.

Year BA PlayerOfTheYear BA Top Prospect
2009 C - Matt Wieters 
2008 Matt Wieters OF-Jay Bruce 
2007 Jay Bruce RHP-Daisuke Matsuzaka 
2006 Alex Gordon OF-Delmon Young 
2005 Delmon Young C-Joe Mauer 
2004 Jeff Francis C-Joe Mauer
2003 Joe Mauer 3B-Mark Teixeira 
2002 Rocco Baldelli RHP-Josh Beckett 
2001 Josh Beckett OF-Josh Hamilton 
2000 Jon Rauch LHP-Rick Ankiel 
1999 Rick Ankiel OF-J.D. Drew 
1998  Eric Chavez OF-Ben Grieve 
1997 Paul Konerko OF-Andruw Jones 
1996 Andruw Jones OF-Andruw Jones 
1995 Andruw Jones SS-Alex Rodriguez 
1994 Derek Jeter 1B-Cliff Floyd 
1993 Manny Ramirez SS-Chipper Jones 
1992 Tim Salmon LHP-Brien Taylor 
1991 Derek Bell RHP-Todd Van Poppel 
1990 Frank Thomas LHP-Steve Avery 

A bit different.