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Joe Torre Isn't Stupid

Or at least not stupid enough to have asked his #3 hitter to lay down a sacrifice bunt in the 9th inning with a man on base and nobody out. When Orlando Hudson put down a bunt in this exact situation last night it angered many a Dodger fan, including myself. It's pretty reasonable to question laying down a sacrifice bunt in any situation, let alone when of of the best hitters on the team is up and the numbers show that even a successful sacrifice hurts your chances of winning. Thankfully, Torre seems to realize trying to bunt was a mistake:

"Torre said he spoke to Orlando Hudson about his sacrifice bunt in the ninth inning Friday that moved Rafael Furcal into scoring position with one out. Furcal was stranded there when Casey Blake and Matt Kemp struck out. 'I told [Hudson] I'd rather have him swinging in that situation'."

Hudson laid down the bunt on his own, not because Torre called for it. Torre should have told Hudson before the inning that he didn't want him to bunt if Furcal reached base, but at least Torre didn't think the bunt was the right decision.

Hat tip to Tripon for the link.