Arms Race

With the Dodgers in first place so close to the All-star break, it is not unreasonable to think ahead to the postseason. I think many people will agree that the Dodgers are one solid pitcher from a World Series birth.

Recently, the has been much speculation of another big acquisition by the Dodgers' GM. There are some arms available to the Dodgers, and not all methods require giving up a great prospect or a young player.

The first suggestion was the acquisition of the Blue Jays' Roy Halladay. The Jays' GM did suggest that they are putting his name on the trading block, but are not actively shopping him. Halladay has a 10-1 record, and is probably going to be the AL Cy Young winner if he continues on this pace. He is, however, on the 15-day DL with a groin strain. But this is seen as a temporary and mild setback. ESPN Radio did talk about how it is possible that the Jays would like a good arm for their team as well, such as Broxton or Kershaw. Halladay is 31 and Kershaw is 21. So the dilemma is this: Would you trade for a proven number 1 starter for an inconsistent young pitcher with a lot of upside? Win now, or win in maybe 5 years? I don't see the Dodgers pulling off a trade to move their youngsters, and a lot of fans would be against this. As a fan, I would love the Dodgers to have someone to put them over the top. But are you giving up a gem like when Pedro Martinez went goodbye?

Also available is a former Dodger, in Pedro Martinez. Now, Pedro hasn't pitched since the WBC and is probably going to want a prorated salary that is going to be pricey. He has been very average his past 3 seasons (17-15), with a very undesirable ERA. Pedro's effectiveness is going to be in question. Speaking about questionable, so is Mr. Glavine.

Tom Glavine is without a team now. Now who would gamble on the 43 year-old Glavine. In 07, he was still very effective, posting a 13-8 record. However, Glavine was cut by the Braves and is without a bidder.

I entirely understand that it might be a middle reliever or hitter that the Dodgers might need. Huston Street might be a good option if the Dodgers could steal him. But getting him would cement an already effective but well-worked bullpen. The Dodgers have to worry about tired arms with Torre's philosophy of running his guys out there a ton. Jeff Weaver was a very effective long reliever, and they might need him to be in the pen instead of the starting rotation.

I would love to here your thoughts. Who is needed to put the Dodgers over the top? Or are the Dodgers already there with the return of Kuroda, and rising of Billingsley? One thing I do know is that Jake Peavy is out of the question. No way the Padres will trade him to the Dodgers, and he is on the shelf anyways.

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