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Rookie League Report

With Odgen playing their first game last night both rookie teams are now staffed and under way.

Arizona Rookie League Roster

Youngest player appears to be Robert Feliciano 08/16/90 checking in at 18 years old. He was drafted in 08 out of the Puerto Rican Academy and made a nice debut last night, striking out six hitters in three innings of hitless relief.

Ogden Raptor Roster

Youngest player appears to be Javier Solano an international free agent from Mexico who was signed in 2008.

Originally Nathan Eovaldi had appeared on the Ogden roster but now that the season is under way he is not on the roster so that should end that confusion. This team could have some serious power with Chris Jacobs, Kyle Orr, and recent 2009 draftee Mario Songco on the roster. Songco already made his power felt with a jack last night in his first professional game. I'm curious to see how they play Jacobs and Orr since they are both listed as 1st baseman. Last night Jacobs got the call at first base. When Orr was drafted out of Canada he came billed as a power hitting 1st baseman but has done nothing to show he can become that.

We still have not signed any of our top four picks so hopefully that will happen soon so they can start getting some professional games under their belt.

If any of you who follow the prospects at this level want to give us some information on some of these guys feel free to post here about them.