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Dodgers, Kershaw Look To Start July On The Left Foot

After a complete domination by Jason Marquis Tuesday night, perhaps its best that today's game is an early one -- a 12:10 start -- so the Dodgers can knock that bad taste from their mouths. Today's antiseptic mouthwash comes in the form of Clayton Kershaw, the 21-year old with the 2.48 ERA since the start of May.

Jason Hammel, who was stellar with a 4-0 record and a 3.41 ERA in June, gets the start for the Rockies. Colorado has won each of his last seven starts.

Jim Peltz of the LA Times tells us that Russell Martin will sit again today, providing three full days off (yes, he did pinch-hit last night) to unwind:

"He's just fighting so bad right now" with his hitting, Torre said, adding that he didn't want the problem affecting Martin's catching ability.

Martin was hitting .247 with one home run and 21 RBIs as of Tuesday, and "he just needs a couple of mental days off," Torre said. "Physically, I don't think he's tired."

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