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Home Run Derby Chat

If anyone happens to be watching the Home Run Derby (ESPN, 5pm), here's a place to chat about it.  Here is how Dodgers have done in derbies past:

Player Year HR
Mike Piazza 1993 0
Mike Piazza 1994 0
Raul Mondesi    1995 2
Hee-Seop Choi 2005 5

Tonight's participants, with 2009 HR totals in parentheses:

AL:  Carlos Peña (24), Nelson Cruz (22), Brandon Inge (21), Joe Mauer (15)

NLAlbert Pujols (32), Adrian Gonzalez (24), Prince Fielder (22), Ryan Howard (22)

Its hard to pick against Pujols at home.  Get ready to enjoy the game's best player shine on his stage.