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Clippings from around the Dodger and baseball world

Great Lakes Loons take advantage of Los Angeles Dodgers' decision to go high tech -
For the first time in franchise history, the Los Angeles Dodgers have employed fulltime video coordinators -- one for each of their minor league teams -- for the sole purpose of documenting every pitch, every swing and every catch.

Sons of Steve Garvey: Home Fun Derby
Nice pic's of the celebrity softball game. Our girl shows Ozzie how a back flip is done.

VIN SCULLY IS MY HOMEBOY: Manny's Baby Shower - kind of funny, worth a look for the Dodger comic graphics alone

Players available as July 31 non-waiver trade deadline approaches - Jon Heyman -
Jon breaks down whose available and who the players are. Dodgers don't even get a top 10 mention as someone interested in Halladay.

to complete Hairston deal. Gallagher was the centerpiece of the Harden deal last summer. While I like the Hairston return, it says something that was all they got for Rich Harden.

Buster Olney Blog - ESPN

Dan Haren might be the real king of the mound. Tim Lincecum has been on a serious roll in recent weeks and is the defending Cy Young Award winner, but it is almost inarguable that at the All-Star break, the Diamondbacks' Dan Haren is the King of the Pitching Mountain. Haren leads the majors in ERA (2.01), strikeout-to-walk ratio (8.1), WHIP (0.81) and opponents' on-base percentage (.219). He is the first pitcher in baseball history, according to the Elias Sports Bureau, to go into the All-Star break leading the majors in these four categories at his current levels.

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Martin And Prospects For Halladay?
Kensai not a fan of moving non slugging catcher for premium pitcher

Martin for Halladay? | - Get Your Daily Dodger Juice, Dodger News and Dodger Rumors
Mark Timmon on the other hand would trade the non slugging catcher for a premium pitcher