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The best versus the worst NBA franchise

Most of you may not care about basketball but it is a sport that Eric and I follow very closely. Being a fan of USC and the Dodgers, he is of course your basic go with the winner and so is a fan of the best basketball franchise since 1971. The Raiders fandom keeps him grounded with their desperate attempts to matter so he does have one weakness.

I on the other hand outgrew my love for a winning franchise and instead have hung my hat with the worst sports franchise in history for reasons I still do not understand.

Starting today that is all going to change as our own SB Nation Steve Perrin will be live blogging the birth of the next Tampa Bay losers to winners story, as the winners of the Blake Griffin lottery  take on the current World Champions in the first Summer League game featuring our version of Evan Longoria.This is usually the highlight of a Clipper season, with all the euphoria of a new season quickly dashed by the reality of actually playing the game. This year will be different. This year you need to get on the bandwagon now because we won't have room for you in December.

Speaking of Evan Longoria the LA Times did a nice writeup on him today. It is amazing that this guy

Ignored in the draft out of high school, Longoria didn't receive so much as a scholarship offer after his senior year at Bellflower's St. John Bosco High. So he went to Rio Hondo College in Whittier.

has already played in the World Series and has  two all-star performances while barely playing 200 games.