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All-Star Game Chat

The last time the National League won an All-Star game, the Dodgers at the game were starting catcher Mike Piazza and reliever Todd Worrell.  Back in the 1996 game, Piazza had a double and home run in three at-bats, winning MVP near his hometown in Philadelphia.  Worrell pitched a scoreless 8th inning, and the NL won, 6-0.  Eleven losses and a tie later, the NL is hungry for a win.

Tonight's game will determine which World Series games will be played at Dodger Stadium:

  • If NL wins:  October 28-29, November 4-5 at home
  • If AL wins:  October 31 - November 2 at home

Dodger All-Star MVPs:  Maury Wills (1961), Steve Garvey (1974, 1978), and Piazza (1996)

Time to root for Orlando Hudson and Chad Billingsley!

Kudos to Joe Buck or Tim McCarver in advance if they happen to sermonize about Manny Ramirez not being at the All-Star game at the same time Ryan Franklin is pitching.

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