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Mid Season Prospect Ranking

Several weeks ago I posted my top 15, and yesterday CanuckDodger posted his top 30. I asked Kensai of Memories of Kevin Malone if he'd provide us with his top 30 and so he did. Kensai wants everyone to know that he only rates players he's seen video on. As with Canucks list if you have any questions go a head ask him and I'm sure he will reply. I've also fleshed out my top 30.

Players in bold are players that only that person has ranked.

Kensai Canuck PhilG
1-Josh Lindblom (01). Scott Elbert, LHP Scott Elbert
2-James McDonald (02). Andrew Lambo, OF Ivan DeJesus
3-Scott Elbert (03). Chris Withrow, RHP Josh Lindblom
4-Ethan Martin (04). Josh Lindblom, RHP James McDonald
5-Andrew Lambo (05). James McDonald, RHP Dee Gordon
6-Chris Withrow (06). Josh Bell, 3B Andrew Lambo
7-Josh Bell (07). Nathan Eovaldi, RHP Chris Withrow
8-Dee Gordon (08). Ethan Martin, RHP Ethan Martin
9-Ivan DeJesus (09). Ivan DeJesus, Jr., SS Nathan Eovaldi
10-Nathan Eovaldi (10). Dee Gordon, SS Joshua Bell
11-Brent Leach (11). Xavier Paul, OF Kyle Russell
12-Kyle Russell (12). Steve Johnson, RHP Steven Caseres
13-Xavier Paul (13). Tim Sexton, RHP Steve Johnson
14-Steve Johnson (14). Brent Leach, LHP Tim Sexton
15-Tony Delmonico (15). Jamie Hoffmann, OF Pedro Baez
16-Jon Michael Redding (16). Travis Schlichting, RHP Xavier Paul
17-Tim Sexton (17). Justin Miller, RHP Jamie Hoffman
18-Travis Schlichting (18). Trayvon Robinson, OF Austin Gallagher
19-Justin Miller (19). Matt Sartor, RHP Trayvon Robinson
20-Victor Garate (20). Victor Garate, LHP Justin Miller
21-Jamie Hoffmann (21). Javy Guerra, RHP Jon Michael Redding
22-Jaime Pedroza (22). Luis Garcia, RHP Scott Van Slyke
23-Pedro Baez (23). Geison Aquasviva, LHP Geison Aquasviva
24-Matt Sartor (24). Cole St. Clair, LHP Jesus Castillo
25-Javy Guerra (25). Elisaul Pimentel, RHP Brent Leach
26-Cole St. Clair (26). Pedro Baez, 3B Travis Schlichting
27-Trayvon Robinson (27). Scott Van Slyke, OF Lucas May
28-Geison Aquasviva (28). Carl Webster, RHP Victor Garate
29-Rubby De La Rosa (29). Steve Caseres, 1B Jamie Pedroza
30-Lucas May (30). Jon Michael Redding, RHP Javy Guerra