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Dodgers - Reds Game Two Preview

There is no amazing comeback tonight; just a baseball game, #94 on the season, but that should be enough.  Here are some notes for tonight's game:

  • The Dodgers have beaten the Reds in ten straight games at Dodger Stadium.
  • The Dodgers, at 59-34, are 25 games over .500 for the first time since after The Steve Finley Game in 2004.
  • Eighteen different Dodger pitchers have recorded a win, including Jason Schmidt's last night, tying a club record set last season.  All nine pitchers that have started a game for the Dodgers have at least one win.
  • Jonathan Broxton has allowed one run in 24.2 innings in 22 home games this season, and has struck out more than half of the batters he has faced (42 of 82) while wearing the home whites.
  • Reds' starting pitcher Homer Bailey has walked as many batters (19) that he has struck out this season, and in his career has 65 strikeouts and 64 walks.
  • Randy Wolf leads the Dodger staff, and is 16th in the National League, with a 2.68 strikeout-to-walk ratio.
  • The Dodgers have yet to lose three straight games this season, but have had nine winning streaks of three games or more (including the current three-game winning streak).

Phil is in the press box tonight, so look for updates from him.

Update: Joe Torre PreGame Notes:

  • Kuo - Was excellent last night. Will pitch again tonight, then again on Friday. At that point he will be evaluated.  How he does may decide who and what they persue for bullpen help.
  • Isn't interested in LH/RH bullpen help as much as he's interested in quality.
  • Bellisario/Wade - both had a bullpen session and came through fine.
  • Ohman - Joe has no idea how he's doing or where he is. Asked the trainer and found out he was in Mesa. Does expect him to pitch again this year but not sure when.
  • Broxton - probably not available unless they really need him
  • Minky - getting close to rehab work. When he's ready there will be a spot for him on the team.
  • Xavier Paul - very far away, just started doing bench work. At least a month if not more.
  • Martin - felt that last night was his best game of the year with the bat and also loved the job he did behind the plate.
  • Next goal is 30 games over 500
  • Schmidt made him nervous but he will get another start. He felt bad for how he had to use McDonald last night in that he had to get him up and down a few times before he used him.


Get your guesses in for today's "Clogging The Bases" here.

Game TIme: 7:10pm


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