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Garrett Gould Update

Dodgers' second round pick -- #65 overall -- Garrett Gould is still negotiating with the Dodgers, and is apparently leaning toward signing, according to a pair of articles in The Wichita Eagle.

Gould, a high-school pitcher out of Maize High School in  Kansas, will go to Wichita State if he doesn't sign with the Dodgers by August 17.  Paul Suellentrop wrote an article about the NCAA scholarship limits and how it affected Wichita State, and he wrote this:

One of those recruits, Maize pitcher Garrett Gould, is expected to sign with the Los Angeles Dodgers and bypass college.

In another Wichita Eagle article, Suellentrop and Joanna Chadwick wrote extensively about Gould and his negotiations with the Dodgers:

At the time of the draft, Gould said the Dodgers told him they'd get everything figured out in the next few weeks.

"They said that three or four times now," Gould said. "I'm ready to get it over with. It's like my choosing of a college — I'm ready to know where I'm going to be at next year and what I'll do in the future. I'm ready to see what will happen."

While it is noted that the highest bonus thus far for a second-round draft pick this year has been $705,500, per Baseball America, Gould might be expected to fetch more from the Dodgers:

Should Gould and his adviser consider his talents worthy of first-round money, the bonus range jumps to around $1 million. The final two first-round picks, both college players, signed for $972,000 and $900,000. The 28th pick of the first round, a high school outfielder, signed for $1.1 million.

The deadline for draft picks to sign a contract is Monday, August 17, which is three days before the date classes start at Wichita State University.