Clogging The Bases - July 28

Welcome to our July contest, "Clogging The Bases."

The contest is about total bases for both teams in each Dodger game, and the All-Star Game. For each game, you have to guess two things:

1) Combined Total Bases From Both Teams, including singles, doubles (2 bases), triples (3 bases), homers (4 bases), walks (1 base), HBP (1 base), and net stolen bases (SB - CS, 1 base)

2) First player to score a run in the game

As an example, the June 30th Dodgers/Rockies game featured 5 singles, 2 homers, 3 walks, and one net stolen base, so the number of total bases was 17. This was an extraordinarily low number. The first player to score was Hawpe.

The most important thing is to guess the correct number of total bases. There cannot be multiple guesses of the same total bases.

The next most important thing is to guess the first player to score a run. There can be multiple guesses of the same player, but no identical guesses with the same total bases and player.

In case of a tie of total bases with no correct player scoring, under beats over.

If there is nobody within 10 total bases of the actual total, yet someone picks the correct player to score the first run of the game, that person will win.

If there is nobody within 10 total bases of the actual total, and nobody picks the correct player to score the first run of the game, nobody wins.

Only guesses in this thread will count, and they must be received before the first pitch of the game.

The person who has the most wins at the end of June will win their choice of Bluetopia on DVD, a 2009 Dodger Media Guide, a copy of "100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die" by Jon Weisman, or a 2009 Topps Dodgers' team baseball card set!


Date Winner Guess Actual
July 1
court168627 23/Barmes
July 3 Ollie 28/Hudson 29/Furcal
July 4 bucknellbruin 27/Furcal 27/Manny
July 5 no winner n/a 58/Ethier
July 7 court168627 (2) 33/Ethier 33/Martin
July 8 bucknellbruin (2)
38/Manny 38/Hudson
July 9 Craig88USC 42/Furcal 47/Furcal
July 10 Alex L 49/Furcal 59/Ethier
July 11 El Lay Dave 37/Castro 38/Counsell
July 12 Bernadette P 33/Manny 43/Furcal
All-Star Game Phil Gurnee 25/Utley 21/Jeter
July 16 Phil Gurnee (2)
25/Furcal 24/Quintero
July 17 Tripon 33/Manny 33/Tejada
July 18 matthewmafa 25/Hudson 23/Furcal
July 19 DonovanNeb 35/Hudson 35/Bourn
July 20 jaffa 38/Tejada (!!) 38/Taveras
July 21 Alex L (2) 40/Furcal 40/Furcal
July 22 El Lay Dave (2) 29/Furcal 29/Dickerson
July 24 Bernadette P (2) 42/Furcal 39/Blake
July 25 Brendan Scolari 32/Manny 31/Bonifacio
July 26 Xeifrank 50/Jack Lord
July 27 mwhite06 37/Leach

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