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In Bills We Trust

For the seventh consecutive series, the Dodgers head into the third game tied 1-1.  Today they send their ace, Chad Billingsley to the mound, who is looking once again for his 10th win.  You know what they say, the fourth time is a charm!

I don't understand people who don't think Chad Billingsley is an ace.  By almost any objective measure, he is one of the best pitchers in the game, and has been for some time.  Just like those who doubted Jonathan Broxton, its up to you to start appreciating and recognizing Billingsley.  If you can't realize just how special he is, that's your loss.

The 102-win-pace Dodgers will face 26-year old Josh Banks, who allowed three runs in seven innings in his only start of the season, on Tuesday.

The Dodgers have won eight of the 12 meetings with the Padres this season, but the two teams have split the six games in San Diego so far this season.

Orlando Hudson is expected to sit out today, for the second straight game.

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