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Dodgers Make First Visit To Citi Field

The Dodgers get their first look at Citi Field tonight, as Clayton Kershaw faces off against Mike Pelfrey of the Mets.  Both pitchers have been successful this season, albeit with contrasting styles:

Kershaw Pelfrey
FIP 3.58, 14th in NL 4.10, 29th in NL
H/9 6.5, 4th in NL 9.8, 43rd in NL
BB/9   5.3, 56th (last) in NL    3.1, 31st in NL
K/9 9.0, 6th in NL 4.4, 51st in NL

Kershaw's 2.30 ERA since May 1 is the second-best in the NL during that time.  Only Tim Lincecum and his 1.91 ERA has been better.

David Wright, the starting NL third baseman in next week's All-Star game, is mired in a 5 for 40 slump over his last ten games, and his hitting .125/.186/.225 during that span.  Adam Rubin of the New York Daily News reported that this slump, as well as the Mets' struggles of late, have weighed on Wright:

"It's really been a grind, both mentally and physically, lately," Wright said. "It will be nice to kind of just not think about baseball and not really have to do anything physically. Hopefully, it gives me a little time to stay off my feet, and I hit the ground running come (Tuesday). ... We're not hitting as a team. I'm not hitting individually. I think for us to be successful, I need to swing the bat better than I am now."

Here is a look at the numbers on the road for the Dodger regulars:

Manny 75 .333/.467/.567 1.033 184 .362
Kemp 172 .315/.401/.483 .884 143 .389
Pierre 137 .358/.402/.480 .881 142 .386
Loney 177 .316/.390/.481 .871 139 .324
Blake 162 .273/.352/.511 .863 135 .313
Hudson 188 .283/.339/.380 .718 98 .348
Furcal 163 .252/.340/.336 .675 88 .282
Martin 166 .250/.349/.406 .655 83 .313
Ethier 172 .207/.326/.317 .643 79 .239
Dodgers Team   1685 .274/.357/.401 .759 109 .321

Rafael Furcal has started off July on the right foot, with nine hits in 17 at-bats, hitting .529/.556/.706 so far this month.

Matt Kemp, part of the Final Vote for the MLB All-Star game, should have a good game today if the other candidates have set any sort of precedent:

After you vote for Kemp many, many times, you can also vote for Andre Ethier to win the Pepsi Clutch Performer of the Month.  Voting ends tonight at midnight.

The Dodgers were 121-131 all-time at Shea Stadium, the Mets' former home.

I was a guest on SportsNet New York's SNY.TV, to discuss the upcoming series.  The clip is here:

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Game Time:  4:10pm


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