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New Manny Ramirez Community Projection Contest

Back on March 10th we asked for the Manny Ramirez Community Projections and with the suspension they don't mean squat. So we are going to run a contest where you have until the end of the Met series (July 9th) to make your projections for what Manny is going do from the time he showed up on July 3rd until the end of the regular season schedule.


As of July 3rd that Dodgers had played 79 games, leaving 82 left.

Instead of ratio's we will using counting stats for the contest so that we can more easily pick a victor.

The person with the least amount of points wins the contest. The goal is to come as close to Manny's numbers as possible, you may go over or under no price is right rules for this contest.

Categories are games started, runs scored, home runs, runs batted in.

It would work like this.

If Manny's final line is 69 games played, 39 runs scored, 13 home runs, and 49 runs batted in and you guessed 75 games, 50 runs scored, 19 home runs, and 62 runs batted in you would have a score of:

ABS(69 - 75)  = six game points

ABS(39 - 50)  = 11 run scored points

ABS(13 - 19) = 6 home run points

ABS(49 - 62) = 13 runs batted in points

For a total of (6 + 11 + 6 + 13)    36 points

ABS means we are looking for the absolute number so as I said, +,- doesn't matter, we just want the number to be as close as possible.

The winner gets a Manny Ramirez T-Shirt any size special request.