"Just A Bit Outside" - August 2

Welcome to our August contest: "Just A Bit Outside."

The contest is simple: Before each game you have to guess two things:

1) Number of called balls thrown by the opposing team

2) Number of walks issued to the Dodgers (yes, intentional walks count)

No multiple guesses on the number of balls; it is OK, however, to have multiple guesses on the number of walks. Only guesses in that day's contest thread, posted before game time, will count.

We ran this contest in May, so if you want an example of how it works, here is an example.

The person who has the most wins at the end of June will win their choice of Bluetopia on DVD, a 2009 Dodger Media Guide, or a copy of "100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die" by Jon Weisman.


Date Winner Guess Actual
August 1
44 balls / 3 walks
38 balls / 2 walks

Today was a close game. Getting the balls closest matters a bit more than getting the walks correct, since there is a much larger range for balls than walks. Court168627 was closer with 43 balls, but farther with 4 walks. Matthewmafa was also in the mix since he guessed the right number of walks (2), but was too far off on the balls (47).

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