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Dodger Clippings from around the world of Dodger Blogs

Sons of Steve Garvey: Time to Panic?

Giants-Dodgers offense comparison | Dodger Thoughts | Los Angeles Times
Jon Weisman uses EQA to compare the offenses of the Dodgers / Giants as they get ready to rumble for three games.

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Take A Deep Breath And Relax
Kensai tells everyone to relax about the current problems, but at the bottom of the story is a link to Logan White being sent to check out the group of Cuban defectors.

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Down On The Farm: Withrow World
AA Notes from Kensai

Baseball Prospectus | Future Shock: Getting Dealt
Kevin Goldstein takes a look at what happens when a young player is dealt, using our old friend Josh Bell as his subject.