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House Money Game Chat

Reasons the Dodgers will win today:

1) Tim Lincecum is not undefeated (the Giants have in fact lost nine games started by Mr. Lincecum)

2) The Dodgers' bullpen is well-rested

3) Manny, Kemp, and Ethier

4) The Giants' offense

5) The Charlie Haeger Era has begun

Also, our very own Brendan Scolari will be at the game. So if the Dodgers don't win, blame him.

Here are today's lineups:

Dodgers Giants
SS Furcal CF Velez
C Martin
2B Sanchez
RF Ethier 3B Sandoval
LF Manny C Molina
3B Blake RF Schierholtz
1B Loney 1B Ishikawa
CF Kemp LF Lewis
2B Castro SS Uribe
P Weaver P Lincecum

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