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In Praise Of The Bison

The Dodgers lone run last night was scored by Matt Kemp, who drove himself in with his 17th home run of the season, one off his career high.  Using Wins Above Replacement (WAR, per Fangraphs), Kemp is the eighth-most valuable player in baseball this season, at 4.7 WAR.

Kemp has managed to increase his walk rate in each of the last two years:

Year PA BB BB%
2008 657 46 7.0%
2009 478 41 8.6%

Kemp has drawn a walk in 8.6% of his plate appearances this year, which is just under the league average of 8.9%.

Among MLB centerfielders, Kemp ranks:

The last Dodger centerfielder with at least 400 plare appearances to slug .500 or better was Duke Snider in 1957.  Think about that!

There is plenty of time left in the season, but if you want to determine the Dodgers' MVP, look no further than Matt Kemp.