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Hiroki Kuroda Leaves Game After Being Hit By Line Drive

Hiroki Kuroda was hit in the head with a line drive off the bat of Rusty Ryal to leadoff the sixth inning in tonight's  Dodgers-Diamondbacks' game at Chase Field.  Looking at the replay, I'm not sure exactly where the ball hit him but it was clearly somewhere in the head, and it hit his head hard enough to bounce on the fly all the way to the warning track in foul territory near the Diamondbacks' third base dugout.

The game was delayed for over 10 minutes as the Dodgers' medical team tended to Kuroda.Many Dodgers wished Kuroda well as he was carted off, and most notably Joe Torre looked visibly shaken by the event, understandably.

Kuroda, who raised his fists to acknowledge the crowd as he was carted off the field, was taken by ambulance to St. Joseph's Medical Hospital in Phoenix, per an on-air report by Vin Scully.