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Dodger Clippings

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Please Go Away, Vicente Padilla

Memories Of Kevin Malone: Prospect Profiles 2009: Chris Jacobs - Kensai profiles one of my favorite sleepers

Sons of Steve Garvey: Five Reasons I Like Vicente Padilla on the Dodgers - only one reason is related to pitching

At Least Vinny Rottino's Hitting Over .400 in Chattanooga, I Guess - Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness- MSTI wonders why Cladio Vargas couldn't have done what Padilla could do. I mean if someone is going to suck shouldn't we just have stuck with what we have or was it that important to get Vinny Rottino?

Sons of Steve Garvey: At-Game Recap: Cardinals 3 Dodgers 2 - nice recap of the game last night

Great Lakes Loons Profile: Pitcher Jon Dutton - - Herb profiles my 2008 sleeper who slept through the 2009 season. Are the Dodgers Broke? - Don't agree with much of his premise other then the fact the Dodgers don't have much money. While lamenting we don't have Hanley or Longoria or Josh Johnson he seems to forget we do have Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, and Clayton Kershaw which trumps just about every other teams trio of players under 25 who are kick ass.