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Andre Ethier Has Been More Than Alright

Sitting at a Dodger game with Phil and BHSportsGuy a few weeks back, we were talking about Andre Ethier, and we were discussing his weird and fluky home/road splits (he has much better numbers at home this year), and his splits vs LHP/RHP (he has struggled against lefties), and were wondering what the specific breakdowns were for each hand and each location.  Specifically, we wanted to know just how great he must be against RHP at home.

Using the amazing Play Index Event Finder, here are the splits:

vs RHP at home 187 13 .323/.396/.665 1.061
vs RHP on road 196 7 .307/.408/.524 .932
vs LHP at home 73 5 .297/.370/.609 .979
vs LHP on road 70 0 .097/.200/.097 .297
Season Totals 526 25 .283/.371/.529 .899

Ethier has been awesome at home, no matter the handedness of the pitcher, and he has also hit righthanded pitchers very well on the road.  The only outlier is the amazing struggle against lefties on the road:  six singles in 62 at-bats.  Yikes.  However, Ethier's batting average on balls in play (BABIP) is a paltry .130 in this situation, suggesting he has been abnormally unlucky in this situation.  The league average BABIP is .298.

The bottom line is that Ethier is having a very good offensive season.  He has struggled against lefties, although its not as bad as the numbers would suggest.  But, if you're a righthanded pitcher, wearing the road greys at Dodger Stadium, you're going to get hit, and hit hard by Andre Ethier.