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Haeger hopes the Cubs knuckle under today



Pierre (CF)



Kemp (RF)


Loretta (1st)


Joe Torre Notes:

Hopes that Haeger can become the fifth starter until Kuroda is ready. Doesn't want to make Martin catch a knuckleball in the middle of a game.

Asked about Loney and his struggles in Dodger Stadium. Doesn't think it is Dodger Stadium problem and that he just needs to stay on the ball. I didn't want to inundate him with his career splits at this time. Also if Mattingly had changed Loney's approach since he become batting coach. He said no, that Mattingley is just working within what James has always done. He'd like to see James hit more ball on the screws.

Expects Eyechart to be the LHPH the team will need in the playoffs. Even said they may only use 11 pitchers in the playoffs so they have some flexibility to have just a pinch hitter on the bench.

Asked what his expectations of Padilla were since he's been less then effective for several years. Repeated what we'd heard before that he likes his experience and how he throws the  ball. Just hoping for something good to happen.

He was asked several times about Manny's struggles and he agree's that he pressing, trying to do to much but that the thinks he's coming out of his slump with the way he's been going to RF.

I asked about Furcal's lack of stolen bases and if he no longer had the green light with Manny in the lineup. He said that Rafy, Pierre, and Matt all have the green light and it is Rafy's choice to not run. He then said he doesn't really have a stop sign for any of his regulars.

Dodger Notes:

►By winning the first two games of this series against the Cubs, the Dodgers have won back-to-back games for the first time since August 10-11, when they won the first two games of a three-game set at San Francisco .  A victory today would give Los Angeles its first winning streak of at least three games since a five-gamer July 18-22.

PITCHING, PITCHING, PITCHING The Dodgers’ pitching staff has allowed three runs or less in six straight games, posting a 2.33 ERA (14 ER/54.0 IP) in that time and going 4-2.  Los Angeles last surrendered three runs or less in six consecutive games from May 1-6 (6-0).  The Dodgers last went seven games in a row with three runs or less allowed from September 9-16, 2008 (6-1).


►Los Angeles pitchers have also given up four runs or less in 11 consecutive games beginning August 10, logging a 2.65 ERA (29 ER/98.2 IP) and going 6-5 in that span.  Only the Phillies have a better ERA beginning August 10, posting a 2.17 ERA (22 ER/91.1 IP) with an 8-2 record.


►Los Angeles ranks second in the Majors with a 3.56 ERA, trailing only San Francisco ’s 3.45 ERA.


ONE-RUN WONDERS The Dodgers yesterday snapped their four-game losing streak in one-run games with the 2-1 triumph, improving to 22-16 in such contests overall and 18-6 at home.  Four of the Dodgers’ last seven games have been one-run affairs.  With 38 one-run games in 123 contests overall, nearly 31 percent are decided by a run.





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