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Game Chat: Haeger hopeful, are Rox Cooked?


Chicago Cubs @ Los Angeles Dodgers

08/22/09 1:10 PM PDT

Chicago Cubs Los Angeles Dodgers
Sam Fuld - LF Rafael Furcal - SS
Milton Bradley - RF Juan Pierre - CF
Derrek Lee - 1B Manny Ramirez - LF
Aramis Ramirez - 3B Casey Blake - 3B
Kosuke Fukudome - CF Matt Kemp - RF
Jeff Baker - 2B Orlando Hudson - 2B
Geovany Soto - C Mark Loretta - 1B
Aaron Miles - SS Brad Ausmus - C
Ted Lilly - P Charlie Haeger - P

As Charlie makes his 2nd start for the Dogers, have the Rockies seen the last start of a key member of their rotation? From Rotowire:

Cook left during the fourth inning of Friday's start with shoulder soreness, the Rockies' official site reports. He was dealing with a toe injury prior to Friday's start, but the shoulder issue is almost certainly unrelated unless he was doing something unusual with his feet that might have altered his mechanics and put additional strain on his arm. We'll await a more detailed diagnosis from the Rockies, but he may need to miss a start or two if the soreness doesn't subside.

If could just general soreness or it could be much more. I'd rather see us beat a full complement of Rockies so here's hoping he only misses a start or two.

Back to today's game, Ted Lilly is a solid pitcher but he has had his troubles at Chavez Ravine. Hard to believe that for all the years he's been around he's only made two appearances against the Dodgers here, and we have clubbed him to the tune of a 1.317 OPS. Easily the worse for Lilly in any baseball stadium.

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