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Kershaw Starts Series Opener In Denver

Last night's win amazing comeback win by the Rockies over the Giants would seem to provide momentum heading into this series, but there are a few potential silver linings for the Dodgers:

  • The Rockies used six pitchers to throw six innings in relief, perhaps tiring them out for today's game
  • Especially since Josh Fogg, who has pitched out of the bullpen all year, is starting tomorrow
  • After the Dodgers won the 4+1 game in 2006 against the Padres, they dropped the next two at home to the Pirates

Momentum is tomorrow's starting pitcher, or today in this case. Tonight, the starters are Clayton Kershaw and Jason Hammel, who engaged in a 1-0 battle back on July 1.

Kershaw has had two short outings in a row, alternately struggling with control and putting batters away. He has thrown a total of eight innings over his last two starts, allowing 11 hits, eight walks, and six runs. The Dodgers need him to revert back to the good Kershaw again tonight.

Dodger starting pitchers have allowed three runs or fewer in eight straight games, and have allowed four runs or fewer in 25 straight games.

Hammel has some extreme splits, with a 7.02 ERA at home and a 2.88 ERA on the road. However, upon further review, part of the difference can be explained by luck. Hammel has a batting average on balls in play (BABIP) of .416 in his home games, suggesting he has been extremely unlucky. Looking at Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP), the difference is lessened: 4.49 at home, 3.12 on the road; certainly a much more reasonable difference when pitching home games at Coors Field.

This is my favorite stat from the Dodgers-Rockies season series this year. Here is the scoring for each team, broken down:

Innings 1-6: Dodgers 42, Rockies 39
Innings 7+: Dodgers 37, Rockies 9

The Dodgers have taken advantage of the Rockies' bullpen so far this season. The Rockies' relievers have been much better of late, but the Dodgers have been even better, allowing no earned runs in their last 18 innings.

Andre Ethier has 12 hits in his last 20 at-bats with runners in scoring position, dating back to July 31, according to STATS LLC.


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Don't forget to RSVP for True Blue LA day at Dodger Stadium, on the next-to-last day of the regular season, October 3 against these Rockies.

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Game Time: 5:40pm


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