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Whatever happens over the next three games

I'd just like to ask our commentators not to turn this site into McCovey Chronicles. This is our team, we don't need to be bad mouthing them when things get a little dicey. Even if the worst should happen we would be tied for 1st place.

At the beginning of the year this is where we would have hoped to be. The Rockies have played at a .700 pace since falling off 15.5 games, they have earned the right to play us for the Division.  We appear to have enough horses to win this thing but one thing is certain, it is now a horse race.

Let's enjoy these games, not freak out over them. Meaningful baseball games are what it is all about. Right now the Padres, Diamondbacks, Giants, Cubs, Brewers, Astro's, Nat's, and Met fans  would love to be in our shoes.