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Loney Fail, Rockies Prevail

We shall wonder why the Dodgers two best relief pitchers were still in the bullpen when Tulo won the game in the bottom of the 11th. You have to use one or the other before going to the 2nd string.

We shall wonder why Tracy choose to pitch to one of the best hitters in baseball when one of the worse hitters in baseball was on deck with 1st base open.

We shall wonder why Rich Dauer would choose to send one of the slowest runners in baseball home in a key moment in the bottom of the 8th.

We shall wonder why Jim Tracy removed a fresh Morales for a tired Bentancourt.

We shall wonder whatever happened to the promise and hope of James Loney who just two years ago looked for all the world like a future star.

We shall wonder whatever happened to the promise and hope of Russell Martin who just 1 1/2 years ago was the premiere catcher in the NL.

We shall wonder if this is the beginning of a Manny hot streak after taking an 0-2 fastball into right field to tie the game.

We shall wonder how a team can go from 15 1/2 games out on June 3rd to 2  games out on Aug 25th with a team that SB Nation has no clue who is on it.

We shall live to fight another day, we barely lost, we came back, we still have the lead. Get a grip, you whiny fucks.

I shall look forward to the next segment of exciting August baseball.