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Dodgers / Reds Game Chat

Per the Dodgers and STATS LLC, here are the most consecutive seasons with a .600 winning percentage in Dodger history (minimum 10 decisions):

Pitcher Years Seasons
Preacher Roe 6 1948-1953
Ramon Martinez
5 1994-1998
Sandy Koufax 5 1962-1966
Chad Billingsley 4 2006-2009
Billy Loes 4 1952-1955

Here are tonight's lineups:

Dodgers Reds
SS Furcal CF Stubbs.
CF Kemp
SS Janish
RF Ethier 1B Votto
LF Manny 2B Phillips
3B Blake 3B Rolen
1B Loney LF Balentien
C Martin RF Gomes
2B Hudson C Miller
P Billingsley P Bailey

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