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Dodgers Look To Rebound Against Reds

The Dodger offense was dormant for eight innings last night, not coming alive until the ninth.  It reminded me of two games from earlier this season:

  • June 1:  The Dodgers were down 3-0 to the Diamondbacks entering the ninth inning, then rallied for two runs, but fell short, losing 3-2.  The next night, the Dodgers were able to mount a successful late comeback, turning an eighth inning 5-1 deficit into a 6-5 win.  The Dodgers won four of their next five, including two straight walk-offs by Andre Ethier.
  • August 3:  The Dodgers were down 6-2 to the Brewers entering the ninth inning, but mounted a furious rally that came up just short when Manny Ramirez popped out with the bases loaded to end the 6-5 loss.  The next night, the Dodgers scored 17 runs.

Charlie Haeger gets the start for the Dodgers today, his first road start as a Dodger.  Haeger has performed well so far, pitching seven innings in each of his first two Dodger starts.  The last pitcher to start his Dodger career with three straight starts of seven innings or more was another knuckleballer, Tom Candiotti, who had four straight in 1992.

In the Pacific Coast League this season, Haeger made 13 starts on the road, and was 6-5 with a 2.44 ERA.

Jonathan Broxton's next game finished will trigger a $50,000 incentive bonus in his contract.  He has finished 44 games so far this year, and can earn a total of $200,000 if he finishes 60 games on the season.

Matt Maloney, a 25-year old rookie who struggled in three starts earlier this season, has been recalled from Louisville to make today's start against the Dodgers.  Mark Sheldon of reports that Maloney has been working on some new pitches:

One of the main reasons for the demotion was an inability to keep the ball in the park. He had six homers over 17 2/3 innings -- two long balls in each start.

"I didn't have a pitch that I consistently have them hit the ball on the ground with," Maloney said. "The home runs are what hurt me when I was up here before. That's why I made a big effort to go back to figure out the sinker me and [pitching coach] Dick Pole were working on. It's worked really well for me down there."

Laynce Nix sat out yesterday for the Reds with a sore neck, but in this report by John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Dusty Baker had a truly baffling quote:

"He had a collision with someone a couple years ago, and never had an MRI until today."


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Don't forget to RSVP for True Blue LA Day at Dodger Stadium, on the next-to-last day of the regular season, October 3 against the Rockies.

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Game Time:  1:10pm

TV: Fox

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