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Dodgers Return Home To Face Diamondbacks

Amid all the fires throughout Southern California, tonight's Dodger game will go on.  Dodger Vice President of Communications Josh Rawitch had this to say:

Right now, we don’t foresee any issues with playing the game tonight as scheduled. We have been regularly monitoring the fire, wind, and smoke conditions and have been in touch with Major League Baseball for a contingency plan in the event things change but we do not foresee that happening at this time. We also have proper personnel on hand at the game in the event that any fans need assistance.

Rawitch also noted that the postponement of the game would be a decision by the league, with consultation from the players association and both teams.

Best wishes to everyone dealing with this state of emergency.

On the field, Randy Wolf faces Doug Davis.  Wolf has won his last four starts, and he has pitched at least seven innings in each of his last five starts.

Per the Dodger game notes, Matt Kemp now has 10 extra-inning RBI this season, the most in baseball since Juan Gonzalez had 11 for the Rangers in 1991.


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Don't forget to RSVP for True Blue LA Day at Dodger Stadium, on the next-to-last day of the regular season, October 3 against the Rockies.

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Game Time:  7:10pm

TV: Prime Ticket

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