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Trader Ned propels True Blue upward

Thanks to Ned's busy night True Blue LA almost had 200,000 page views for the month of August. We missed by 388 views with 11,180 view for the day. To put that into perspective last August we had 23,000 page views for the entire month.  We now sport 1435 members and everyday we get more participation in the fanshots, fanposts, and comments. Thanks to everyone (most of you anyway) who contribute here and keep this place civil even as we disagree with the varied opinions expressed here.

As many have noted this site is a far cry from the sleepy little blog of a year ago.

On a sad note, Disney will be buying Marvel. A huge bummer for those of us who enjoyed watching our childhood memories come to life on the big screen. The story of Marvel coming back from bankruptcy as two men outfoxed two of the deepest pocket assholes in the investment world is a must read for anyone who enjoys comics and stocks.