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Dodgers Recall DeWitt, Hu

The Dodgers have added to their bench today, recalling infielders Blake DeWitt and Chin-Lung Hu from Triple A Albuquerque.  The Isotopes' season ended on Friday night when they were eliminated by Memphis in the first round of the PCL playoffs.

This is DeWitt's sixth stint with the Dodgers this season.  DeWitt, who started all eight Dodger playoff games at second base last season, has five hits in 32 at-bats with the big club in 2009.

This is Hu's first time with the Dodgers this season.  Hu hit .294/.332/.393 in Albuqeurque this season.

This is a formality more than anything, but the fact that DeWitt and Hu were recalled means they can't be among the PTBNL candidates to complete the Jon Garland trade.  That player will still almost certainly be Tony Abreu, but officially the Diamondbacks won't choose the player from the list provided by the Dodgers until October 15.  DeWitt and Hu being on the roster eliminates them from consideration since a player to be named later can't play in the same league he is traded to in between the time of the trade and the time he is named.

The Dodgers now have 34 players on the active roster.