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Finale in San Francisco Game Chat

The Dodgers are 43-29 at home this season, and 42-29 on the road. The Dodgers need one more win against the Giants to clinch the season series, something they have done against the other three teams in the National League West. The Dodgers are 42-21 within their own division this season.

The Giants' offense ranks...

  • Last in MLB in pitches per PA (3.60)
  • First in MLB in strikes as percentage of pitches seen (65%)
  • First in MLB in percentage of strikes swung at (77%)
  • First in MLB in percentage of pitches swung at (50%)
  • First in MLB in swinging at the first pitch (33%)
  • Last in MLB in 3-0 counts seen (201)
  • Last in MLB in 3-1 counts seen (362)
  • Last in MLB in on base percentage (.307)
  • Tied for last in MLB in OPS+ (80)
  • 2nd to last in MLB in runs per game (3.94)

Thanks to the amazing for the data.

Here are today's lineups:

Dodgers Giants
SS Furcal CF Torres
LF Pierre
2B Sanchez
RF Ethier LF Winn
CF Kemp 3B Sandoval
1B Loney RF Schierholtz
3B Blake SS Uribe
2B Belliard 1B Ishikawa
C Martin C Whiteside
P Billingsley P Penny

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