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A good Toy Cannon morning to you all

Thanks to Jon Weisman who gave me the heads up on this fine New country for old man with Dodgers  fine story about the Toy Cannon and the 1974 Dodger team. That team was one of the best LA Dodger teams in history,  and even though they did not win a World Championship they put the Dodgers back on the map in Los Angeles after floundering from 1967 - 1973.

Jon knew my appreciation for the Toy Cannon because that was my handle on Dodger Thoughts and my handle here at True Blue when I started writing 2 1/2 years ago. I've written about Jimmy Wynn several times here, and below are the links to those columns. He truly was one of a kind and we were lucky to see him at his best in 1974.

Toy Cannon turns 66 - True Blue LA is brief tribute to his 66th birthday but within the story are several excellent links if you know want to know more about this brilliant ballplayer.

A Dynamic Diminutive Duo - True Blue LA tries to show you just how unique Jimmy Wynn was. Along with his more famous teammate Joe Morgan they taught the baseball world in the 60's that even those who are 5'8 can have a huge impact on the offensive side of the game of baseball.