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Dodgers / Giants Saturday Game Chat

The Dodgers have hit a home run in eight straight games, matching their longest streak of the season. They have hit 12 home runs over those eight games, compared to 15 hit from August 25 through September 2.

Joe Torre said in today's KABC pregame show that Chad Billingsley will make his scheduled start Wednesday in Washington, and that Clayton Kershaw will likely pitch out of the bullpen during that game "to get his feet wet." This is as close as we will come to seeing Phil's combo playoff starting duo experiment in action. Both Billingsley and Kershaw will throw bullpen sessions tomorrow.

Orlando Hudson is resting again today, as Joe Torre tries to get Hudson healthy for the playoffs. Torre mentioned the Dodgers "overdid it" earlier in the season, when Hudson played almost every day.

Here are today's lineups:

Giants Dodgers
LF Velez SS Furcal
2B Sanchez
RF Ethier
RF Winn LF Manny
3B Sandoval CF Kemp
SS Uribe 1B Loney
1B Ishikawa 3B Blake
CF Rowand 2B Belliard
C Whiteside C Martin
P Penny P Garland

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