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Dodgers Look To Bounce Back After Nationals Knock Down

The Dodgers lost last night in walk-off fashion, the seventh time they have done so this season.  On the walk-off ledger, the Dodgers are still in the black, thanks to their 12 walk-off wins at Dodger Stadium.  After the previous six walk-off defeats, the Dodgers have done well the next game:

Date Walk-Off Date Result
June 25 6-5 L @ CWS June 26 8-2 W vs Sea
July 29 3-2 L @ StL July 30 5-3 W @ StL
August 12   4-2 L @ SF August 14 4-1 L @ AZ
August 15 4-3 L @ AZ August 16 9-3 W @ AZ
August 25 5-4 L @ Col August 26 6-1 W @ Col
September 9   4-3 L @ AZ September 11  10-3 W @ SF

I doubt that really means much going into today, but a 5-1 record isn't bad.

Vicente Padilla is making his sixth start as a Dodger tonight, and coming off really his only bad start in Dodger blue.  He gave up four runs in five innings Friday against the Giants, but through five starts as a Dodger he is 3-0 record with a 2.96 ERA, a 3.99 FIP, and a 3.88 x-FIP.

Starting for the Nationals tonight is another rookie, 26-year old J.D. Martin.  He has given up exactly two earned runs in each of his last four starts.  He is 5-4 with a 4.21 ERA in 12 starts, but has also given up 12 home runs in 62 innings.  Of the 261 MLB pitchers with at least 60 innings pitched this season, Martin is 248th in home runs per nine innings, at 1.74 His FIP is 5.73 and his x-FIP is 5.34.

Casey Blake will likely sit tonight with a sore left hamstring, which he re-injured running the bases on his home run Tuesday.  Also, it wouldn't surprise me to see Orlando Hudson sitting again, especially after his fall last night.

Today's Dodger birthdays include Dick Nen and Hubie Brooks.


The playoff scenario is the same today as it was yesterday, except that the Dodgers can't clinch a spot today because the Braves are off.  The Giants play the Cubs at home tonight at 7:15pm.

The Rockies, five games back in the division with 10 to play, host the Padres at 5:40pm.


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Don't forget to RSVP for True Blue LA Day at Dodger Stadium, on the next-to-last day of the regular season, October 3 against the Rockies.

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Game Time:  4:05pm


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