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Dodgers Have Been Double Trouble

I lost track of this the other night, but on Tuesday, James Loney hit his 25th double of the season, giving the Dodgers six players with 25 doubles this season.  Three other Dodger teams in history have had six players with 25 or more doubles, and none since moving to Los Angeles:

1932 1951 1953 2009
Player 2B Player 2B Player 2B Player 2B
Wilson 37 Robinson 33 Furillo 38 Ethier 41
Stripp 36 Campanella 33 Snider 38 Hudson 33
O'Doul 36 Furillo 32 Robinson 34 Furcal 26
Cuccinello 32 Snider 26 Gilliam 31 Kemp 25
Wright 31 Cox 25 Campanella 26 Blake 25
Frederick 28 Hodges 25 Reese 25 Loney 25

Manny Ramirez has 23 doubles, and with 10 games remaining he might become the seventh member of the 25-double club.  No Dodger team has ever had seven players with 25 doubles.  The Red Sox, Phillies, and Blue Jays this season all have already accomplished the feat.  The major league record is eight players, held by 16 different teams, most recently the 2007 Red Sox.

The Dodgers have hit 266 doubles as a team in their first 150 games, putting them on pace for 287 doubles on the season, which would be the fourth-most two-baggers ever hit by a Dodger team.  The 2006 team holds the club record with 307 doubles.