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Last Chance to get your tickets for the True Blue 10/3 game



Don't miss seeing Eric Stephen squirm while USC is pummelled by Cal, Jacob saying something clever, Paul Scott saying something to irritate me, Rolex saying something to irritate Eric, Tripon explaining why he doesn't give his friends free donuts, Craig intelligently defending someones attack on Ned, Marty on why he hasn't given Jon the tech support he needs at the Tribune, El Lay Dave on what it was like to see Elvis back in the 50's, MWhite on why the Clippers are more fun to watch then the World Champion  Lakers , CeaserBook complaining when some neer do well sits next to him that should be sitting 20 rows above us, Delias hating on anyone with HAM in their name, the quiet Roy Kim, Lidlbit and her new husband, my wife and her old husband, and of course the prizes. Yearbooks, DVD's, T-Shirts. Plus it is Star Wars Night so Yodabrthr should be right at home.

Five Tickets Left