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Rally or Whine? Your call

Sure the Dodgers suck right now, they are getting beat by the bottom of the barrel teams in the NL, and as Dodger fans maybe you are embarrassed.

But don't be, this team has given us to much this year to give into a panic that one simple game will cure.  They have been good enough that they needed only one more victory a full week before the end of the season to clinch their 2nd Division title in two years. This is like last year in  August where all looked lost in Arizona after they had lost Friday Night and many were ready to abandon ship as they faced Webb and Haren for the final two games of the series.

Do so at your own peril. Your words remain here forever, for those who crap on the team when they are down, it will be hard for those of us who support the team, to welcome you back with open arms when the worm turns, and surely this worm will turn.

I've seen talk that even if we win now the celebration would be pointless. What poppycock, if we win we would have fought off one of the great runs of the 21st century by the Rockies. It may not have been 2007 but it was still one hell of a run, and the Dodgers have every right to be proud of this Division victory whether it happens tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. How we determine the success of this season is not dependent on how  or when we win the Division but on how far we go in the playoffs. Leave your disdain for then if they do not meet your expectations but not a dismal road run near the end of a gruelling season.